Rev. Katrina Wynne


Katrina Wynne’s approach to studying and working with Tarot, and subsequently with Tarot clients, has always been spiritual. She didn’t know to call it spiritual, for this was not a title found in the Tarot world, except implied or mentioned in obscure Tarot books. For close over 50 years, she has dedicated her study of Tarot to explore and promote the Divine essence of Tarot, and it’s gift to the world.

Fortunately, the Tarot world has expanded these days to encompass the spiritual aspects and profound truths reflected in this ancient oracle. Katrina is not alone in her area of interest in Tarot, and in 2010 decided to come out of her Forest Mystic closet to share her passion for the spiritual depth of Tarot with the world.

To contact Katrina personally or to schedule a private session, please follow this link to her website.

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