Tarot Cards are Tools

Tarot cards are tools. That is all. They have no power other than what we imbue in them.

Yet, they can be many things to many people. They are used for fortune-telling, psychic readings, questions on romance, finance, health and life choices. Magical oracular applications are inspired by the images of this versatile device. We see ourselves in its mirror for self-reflection. Tarot can be a microscope to the macrocosm, a sagacious guide to life and the eternal, God’s picture book…or the Devil’s.

Like the utility of a knife, Tarot cards can be applied for helping, healing or harm, depending on the intent or mindset of those who handle them. As our daily bread, Tarot spreads life-sustaining materials before us. Sometimes, it is the magic blade, as in The Subtle Knife, opening our awareness to parallel worlds of existence. Honor and respect for the wisdom of Tarot approaches the cards as a fine samurai sword to be mastered to meet life with a higher, more spiritual attitude.

Still, Tarot cards are just pieces of paper (or plastic, etc.)…with ink, colors, images, symbols, words, characters, scenes or relationships within and among the cards.

If one were looking for the source of inspiration in the cards, clearly it is the “visual symbolic language” communicated by the images that hold the key. What they symbolize or how interpreted to convey a message is as varied as the approaches to Tarot.

In order to be so diverse while consistently valid, Tarot taps into universal truths. These truths meet seekers on their level of inquiry. The source is deep although the application for many only scratches the surface.

Think of the mystical “genie in a bottle” story. What would you wish for and what does your wish say about you? Do you use your wish to manifest a love object, material comfort, general well-being? Are you making your wish for others on what you believe to be their behalf? Are you “playing God” or being God? By that I mean, are you trying to manipulate life to match your ideas or are you open to aligning with that which is with compassionate awareness?

So, while the Tarot cards are only material tools, the wisdom they dispense, initiated via visual symbols, emanates from Divine source, matching seekers at their level of interest.

In future articles Tarot Spirituality™ will explore “The Power of Symbols”, “Spiritual Roots of Tarot”, and “The Spiritual Attributes of Tarot”.

Your input and experience is most welcome. This is a growing body of wisdom, much like Tarot.

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6 thoughts on “Tarot Cards are Tools

  1. Nice information overall, but hope is the only way by which you can get benefits from tarot card reading, if we try it without hope and trust, we can’t get it.
    Psychic’s and numerology is also the same thing.

  2. one of the better articles i have red on subject.book tarot is fine but its intuition that connects with our inner self not a schooled subject.if i were to only look at things as taught in a book how could i ever see for myself.yes the pics hold a standard meaning but theres also the FEEL and that to me is so much more important

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